Ultratape Rhino Gaffer Tape - 50m x 50mm

Brand: Ultratape

SKU: UT-810605

Ultratape Rhino Gaffer / Waterproof Multipurpose Tape - 50 meter x 50mm

Gaffer tape is reinforced with a high strength adhesive backing. Gaffer tape is known to be used in the television and entertainment industry to hold loose cables to floors, walls and other surfaces. Gaffer tape is now more widely used for many other applications such as pipework, ducting, insulation or even marking out perimeters. Gaffer Tape is a high performance and heavy-duty tape also used for joining sheets, strapping cartons, securing panels and many other uses.

The Roll of Gaffer Measures 50 Meters long and 50mm wide (2 inches)

Key features

  • Strong and durable
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Waterproof

Gaffer tape should not be applied to wet surfaces or surfaces covered in impurities. All surfaces should be clean and dry before applied. Remove the outer packaging of the tape and roll the amount needed. Apply tape to the surface pressing it firmly making sure no bubbles are created. Gaffer tape can be torn by hand, however if a neat cut is required, a knife or scissors can be used.

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