Steel Wire Rope Clamps

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-633727

Wire Rope Clamp BZP Steel

The Wire Rope Clamp, (Also known as a Wire Rope Clip / U Bolts) is used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. It consists of a u-shaped bolt, a forged saddle and two nuts. The two layers of wire rope are placed in the u-bolt. The nuts secure the arrangement in place. Three or more clamps are usually used to terminate a wire rope.
When installing clamps, the saddle portion of the clamp assembly is placed on the load-bearing or "live" side, not on the non-load-bearing or "dead" side of the cable.

The Wire Rope Clamp is Made from Heavy Duty Steel and is Zinc Coated to give added Resistance To Corrosion.

The Clamps Size is based on the thickness (diameter) of the Wire Rope its designed to clamp, so for example an M6 will clamp together 6mm diameter rope

Size Thickness (A) Height (B) Width  (C) Thread (D) Base Thickness (E) Base Depth (F) Base Height (G)
M3 4mm 20mm 9mm 12mm 21mm 10mm 10mm
M5 5mm 24mm 11mm 13mm 23mm 11mm 10mm
M6 5mm 28mm 13mm 15mm 26mm 12mm 11mm
M8 6mm 34mm 16mm 19mm 30mm 14mm 15mm
M10 8mm 42mm 19mm 22mm 34mm 18mm 17mm
M12 10mm 55mm 24mm 30mm 42mm 23mm 21mm

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