Steel Mending Plate - Straight

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-644037

Straight BZP Steel Mending Plate

The Straight Shaped, Mending Plate is designed for joining Timber, ideal for repairs and construction of timber products. It connects two pieces of timber straight across the join. Ideal for butting two pieces of timber together.

The Plate features countersunk holes, allowing for a clean, professional finish

 Size (Length) Width Depth Screw Size No. of Screws Required
50mm / 2" 16mm 1.5mm No.6 2
75mm / 3" 16mm 2mm No.6  4
100mm / 4" 16mm 2mm No.6  4
125mm / 5" 18mm 2.5mm No.8 4
150mm / 6" 25mm 2.5mm No.8 4

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