Steel D-Shackle

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-647601

D-Shackle BZP Steel

The D Shackle (also known as a chain shackle) is shaped like a loop of chain, with a threaded pin closure. The D-shackles are very common type of shackle. The Small Loop can take high wright loads and is quick to remove thanks to the Threaded Pin

The D-Shackle is made from Zinc Coated Steel giving it a better resistance to corrosion than untreated Steel. 
The Shackle's Size is based on the thickness (diameter) of the steel so for example an M6 will be 6mm thick

Size Height (External) Height (Internal) Width  (External)
(Not including key head)
M6 40mm 26mm 25mm 6mm
M8 50mm 30mm 32mm 8mm
M10 60mm 38mm 36mm 10mm
M12 70mm 46mm 44mm 12mm

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