Stainless Steel Flush Pull Handle - 100mm

Brand: Zoo Hardware


Zoo Hardware Stainless Steel Flush Pull - 100mm

The Stainless Steel Flush Pulls from Zoo Hardware are top quality 304 Grade Stainless steel Architectural Hardware Flush Pulls

Made from Stainless Steel with a Satin finish.  As they are made from Stainless steel, they won't rust, so are perfect for use indoors and outdoors (or areas with high humidity i.e Bathrooms and Kitchens)

The Flush handles are perfect for Sliding and Folding Timber Doors as well as Cupboards and Cabinets.

The Flush Handle measures 100mm tall, 50mm wide and 11mm Deep.  They have a slight lip all the way round of the opening so can be used horizontally and vertically.

The Flush Handle is attached from the outside of the attached surface (which will need a recess cut in to fit) using the screws included

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