Stainless Steel External Tooth Shake Proof Washer

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-633857

A2 Grade Stainless Steel External Tooth Shake Proof Washers

The Washers are A2 Grade Stainless Steel and Meets DIN 6798a Specification.

These Washers are ideal for use where you want a firm grip between the two items being fastened as the  serrations / teeth that extend outward to bite into the bearing surface. This type of washer is especially effective as a lock washer when used with a soft substrate, such as aluminium or plastic, and can resist rotation more than a plain washer on hard surfaces, as the tension between washer and the surface is applied over a much smaller area (the teeth).   The external tooth style has the serrations around the outer edge, which provides better holding power than the internal tooth, because of the greater circumference. 

A2 Grade (Also known as 304) means that they are 30% stronger than ordinary carbon steel, corrosion resistant, and retains its strength at high temperature - All of which means it will last longer!

These stainless steel washers have a proportional sized hole to the outside metal ring and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, as stainless steel does not rust from water exposure.

Perfect for a wide range of DIY tasks.

Product Details

Size Fits Metric Thread Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Tooth Depth No. of Teeth  Pack Quantity
M2.5 M2.5 / 2.5mm Diameter 2.7mm 5.5mm 0.3mm 9 50
M3 M3 / 3mm Diameter 3.2mm 6mm 0.4mm 9 50
M4 M4 / 4mm Diameter 4.3mm 8mm 0.4mm 11 50
M5 M5 / 5mm Diameter 5.3mm 10mm 0.5mm 11 40
M6 M6 / 6mm Diameter 6.4mm 11mm 0.7mm 12 30
M8 M8/ 8mm Diameter 8.4mm 15mm 0.8mm 14 20
M10 M10 / 10mm Diameter 10.5mm 18mm 0.9mm 16 15
M12 M12 / 12mm Diameter 13mm 20.5mm 1mm 16 10
M14 M14 / 14mm Diameter 15mm 24mm 1mm 18 10
M16 M16 / 16mm Diameter 17mm 26mm 1.2mm 18


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