Plasterboard Spring Toggle

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-636858

Plaster Board Spring Toggle Cavity Wall Fixings

The Metal Spring Toggles offer the best support for hanging on a plasterboard wall.
The Self-expanding spring mechanism, are supplied with zinc-plated screws.
They are made from BZP Harded Steel which is designed for superior load holding, and is ideal for double thickness plasterboard

- The metal toggle is squeezed flat and pushed through the drilled hole in the plasterboard.
- Once it is behind the plasterboard, the toggle springs open and as you tighten the screw the two wings pull flat against the inside face.
- As the wings are pulled tight against the inside face they spread the weight of the load for a strong, secure hold.

The Spring toggles are suitable for electrical and plumbing accessories, trunking, light fittings, curtain rails, pipe fittings and radiator brackets.

Pack Details

 Spring Toggle Size Drill Hole Required Plasterboard Thickness Maximum Fixture Thickness Maximum Recorded Weight Load Pack Size
M3x50mm 11mm 30mm 20mm 10 Kg 6
M5x50mm 14mm 30mm 20mm 18 Kg 6
M5x75mm 14mm 45mm 30mm 18 Kg 6
M6x50mm 18mm 30mm 20mm 30 Kg 6
M6x75mm 18mm 45mm 30mm 30 Kg 6

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