Screw-In Eye - Electro Brass Plated Steel

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-649391

Electro Brass Plated Steel Screw In Eye

The Electro Brass Plated Steel Screw In Eyes are an ideal solution for hanging things from and are quick to put up. All you need to do is, screw in the eye, and job done!

These Electro Brass Plated Eyes are made from Steel, are high quality and high strength - Perfect for all number of jobs around the home!

Each Hook is made from Steel and is Brass Plated (Electro Brassed) to give added resistance to Rusting and corrosion if used outdoors.

Product Measurements

Size Measurement A Measurement B Measurement C Measurement D Pack Qty
25mm 25mm 11mm 7mm 2.5mm 20
35mm 35mm 14mm 10.5mm 3.5mm 8
45mm 45mm 16.5mm 12mm 4mm 4
55mm 55mm 22mm 14mm 4.8mm 3
65mm 65mm 25.5mm 18mm 5.1mm 3
75mm 75mm 31mm 20mm 7mm 2

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