Rubber Teapot Spout Protector (Pack of 1)

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Rubber Teapot Spout Protector

Has your favourite tea pot got a chipped spout? or maybe it is a rotten pourer! If yes then the answer is a tea pot spout protector!

The Teapot Spout is a rubber sleeve that slides over the spout on a teapot to help protect from chipping, or to cover an existing chip; But also to help tea pots that drip and pour badly.  It should fit snuggly on the spout and give an extra 'lip' to help pouring and reduce dripping.  It is made from a sturdy White rubber that can be stretched to fit (you can increase the amount of stretch by leaving in boiling hot water for a few minutes)

The Rubber Teapot Spout will fit standard diameter spouts.  The Spout Measures 56mm long and has a hole diameter of 19mm (without any strectching). 

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