Round Wire Nail - Bright Finish

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-636766

Round Wire Nails - Bright Zinc Plated

Round Nails are an ideal general-purpose nail and should be used on work where a rough finish is acceptable, such as fixings a timber stud frame.

The flat rounded head of the nail makes hitting the nail using a hammer easier and ultimately, more accurate. The Round Wire Nails are Made from Heavy Gauge Steel and are Bright Zinc Coated which helps prevents the nail from corroding.

Manufactured to BS1202

Ideal for all general carpentry, joinery and fencing.

Pack Details

Nail Length Head Diameter Shank Diameter Finish Pack Quantity (Approx)
25mm (1 Inch) 4mm 1.8mm Bright 175 Nails
40mm (1 1/2 Inch) 5mm 2.65mm Bright 100 Nails
50mm (2 Inch) 6.5mm 3.35mm Bright 55 Nails
65mm (2 1/2 Inch) 6.5mm 3.35mm Bright 40 Nails
75mm (3 Inch) 8.5mm 3.75mm Bright 30 Nails
100mm (4 Inch) 8.5mm 4.5mm Bright 16 Nails

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