Ringshank Nails - Bright - 65mm (200g Pack)

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-636599

Ringshank Nails

Ring Shank Nails have much stronger hold than ordinary nails with a smooth shank, the grooves along the shank act as a wedge and provide a better holding power.

Due to the strength of ring shank nails, they are commonly used on construction and also in roofing. Ring shank nails provide around 40% more holding power than ordinary smooth shafted nails.

The Nails are made from Hardened Steel and Measure 65mm long (including the head), They have a Bright finish to give added resistance to Rusting.

Nail with high resistance to withdrawal - Best used when it is unlikely the nail will have to be removed at a later date
Ideal for MDF and plywood

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