Plastic Wall Plugs - Brown

Brand: Deltaleigh


Brown Plastic Wall Plugs

The Pack of 100 Wall Pugs are designed for fixing in masonry applications.
The Brown Wall Plugs are designed for use with No.10, No.12 and No.14 Screws and require a drill hole of 7mm. They feature a profiled body with holes and ridges for extra grip when expanding

The each box includes 10 Sprews of 10 Plugs (100 plugs in total) - Handy sizes for small jobs as well s large.

When used in Brick, the following weight Loads apply:
No.10 Screw - 75kg weight Load
No.12 Screw - 100kg weight Load
No.14 Screw - 120kg weight Load

When used in Concrete, the following weight Loads apply:
No.10 Screw - 90kg weight Load
No.12 Screw - 120kg weight Load
No.14 Screw - 140kg weight Load

Boxes of 100 Plastic Wall Plugs are available in Yellow, Red, Brown and Blue, each sold separately.

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