Oval Brad Nails - Bright Finish

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-636667

Oval Brad Nails

Oval Nails are a good general use Nail and can be used in a number of DIY situations.
The the oval shank avoids splitting the wood when aligned with the grain.
The head of the oval nailhead can be punched below the surface and the small hole filled, Ideal where a flush finish and a concealed Nail is required. Commonly used for lots of carpentry and joinery situations such as door jambs, floor and skirting boards.

The Round Wire Nails are Made from Heavy Gauge Steel and are Bright Plated which helps prevents the nail from corrosion.
Manufactured to BS1202

Ideal for all general carpentry, joinery and fencing.

Pack Details

Nail Length Head Shape Shank Diameter Finish Pack Quantity (Approx)
25mm (1 Inch) Oval 2mm x 1.3mm Bright 375 Nails
40mm (1 1/2 Inch) Oval 2.75mm x 1.75mm Bright 190 Nails
50mm (2 Inch) Oval 3.7mm x 2.1mm Bright 90 Nails
65mm (2 1/2 Inch) Oval 4.1mm x 2.9mm Bright 45 Nails
75mm (3 Inch) Oval 4.9mm x 3.5mm Bright 25 Nails
100mm (4 Inch) Oval 6mm x 3.9mm Bright 12 Nails

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