Nylon Wall Plug - Grey

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-635233

Rimless Grey Nylon Wall Plug

The Nylon Wall Plugs are Rimless nylon plugs suitable for fixing wooden battens, electrical and plumbing fittings, lightweight brackets and shelving.
They are made from sturdy, grey Nylon plastic and are designed to take a bolt or Screw Tread to the correspond size(see chart below)

The Wall Plugs have sprung spin fins, which help to provide a two way lock, which in turn prevents spinning and loosening.  As the plus are rimless, they can be inserted to depths below the base material.

Pack Details

 Size Drill Hole Diameter Compatible Screw Gauge Compatible Metric Thread Size Pack Size
M6 x 30mm 6mm No.6 - No.10 3.5mm - 5mm 14
M8 x 40mm 8mm No.10 - No.14 5mm - 6mm 10
M10 x 50mm 10mm No.14 - No.18 6mm - 8mm 6

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