London - Shelf Bracket - Grey

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-633307

Grey London Shelf Bracket

The London Shelf Bracket is a heavy duty utility bracket designed for use in a wide range of applications. It is idea for use in garages, sheds and utility areas, they are simple but strong brackets for installation of any length shelf.

The Long side of bracket is fitted against the wall, and it is recommend a bracket every 50cm in a solid wall or to coincide with studs in a stud wall.  The Brackets have 3 screws holes on each arm.

The Shelf Bracket is Made from Pressed Steel and has an epoxy coating to help protected from corrosion.

The Weight Capacity quoted is for correctly fitted brackets and evenly distributed load.

Also Available in White (Sold Seperately)

 Bracket Size Length (Long Arm) Length (Short Arm) Screw Size Weight Capacity Per Bracket
100mm x 75mm 4 Inch 3 Inch No.4 25kg
125mm x 100mm 5 Inch 4 Inch No.4 25kg
150mm x 125mm 6 Inch 5 Inch No.4 / No.6 25kg
200mm x 150mm 8 Inch 6 Inch No.6 25kg
225mm x 175mm 9 Inch 9 Inch No.6 25kg
250mm x 200mm 10 Inch 8 Inch No.6 / No.8 25kg
300mm x 250mm 12 Inch 10 Inch No.8 30kg
350mm x 300mm 14 Inch 12 Inch No.8 30kg

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