Kettle Descaler Ball (Pack of 1)

Brand: RKL

SKU: RKL-632768

Stainless Steel Mesh Kettle Descaler Ball

The small steel mesh ball are designed to prevent the build up of lime-scale in all types of kettles, often known as 'kettle furring'. Simply place the kettle collector in any type of kettle, the limescale fur will collect on the fine stainless steel wire as the water boils, keeping it free of deposits, reducing boiling time, energy costs, and prolonging the life of the kettle. 

These are a must have item if you live in a 'hard water' area and have to frequently descale your kettle.  In some areas it might be worth using more than one descaler baller.

  • Simple but effective, pop one of these defurrers into your kettle,
  • Gets straight to work holding onto scale as your kettle boils,
  • Helps to make sure you only pour fresh, hot water into your cuppa.
  • Great in hard water areas.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Helps keep the kettle clean and removes limescale.

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