Fence Staple - Cut Point - Galvanised

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-635462

Galvanised Fence Staples

Fence Staples are U shaped nails which are commonly used in fencing for fixing netting and fencing wire to wooden posts. 
The Staples are made from Hardened Steel and have a Electro Galvanised finish to give added resistance to Rusting, which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Ideal for securing Wire Fencing & Netting to Wood Posts and feature Sharp Cut Point for an easy start.

Manufactured to BS1202

Pack Details

Nail Length Shank Diameter Finish Pack Quantity (Approx)
15mm 1.6mm Galvanised 200 Nails
20mm 2mm Galvanised 55 Nails
25mm 2.65mm Galvanised 30 Nails
30mm 3.55mm Galvanised 16 Nails
50mm 5mm Galvanised

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