Energizer LED - Dimmable GLS Bulb B22 Bayonet Cap - 6.6w (Eq 40w)

Brand: Energizer

SKU: SI:S8282

Energizer LED Dimmable Light Bulb - Bayonet Cap - 6.6w Equivalent to a 40w Incandescent bulb

The 6.6w GLS LED Light Bulb From Energizer is a good alternative to the classic Incandescent light bulb - This LED bulb uses 6.6 watts of energy but has the same light output as a 40w incandescent equivalent bulb - thats 85% less energy!

Based on the average Electricity unit cost (currently 10p) and an average usage of 4 hours a day - this bulb will save £5 a year on your electricity bill, meaning it will have paid for itself in 17 months!

This Bulb can save £84 over its life span (based on average life span of 25,000 hours and Electricity unit cost of 10p)

 The LED GLS has an bayonet cap fitting (BC / B22)

The bulb produces 470 lumens and has a colour temperature of 2,700 kelvins (warm white) The bulb has a rated life of 25,000 hours and has a switching cycle (on/off) of 40,000 times

Bulb Specifications

Light Bulb Shape GLS (General Lamp Shape)
Fitting Bayonet Cap - B22
Wattage 6.6 watts
Incandescent Eq. Wattage 40 watts
Energy Saving ** 85%
EU Energy Rating A+
Dimmable Yes
Lumens 470
Light Colour 2700 Kelvins / Warm White
Light Beam Angle 240 degrees
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) 80
Life Span 25,000 Hours
Switching  Cycles 40,000 times
Bulb Dimensions 60mm Diameter / 109mm Tall
**Energy Saving Based on comparison between LED and Equivalent Incandescent Light bulb


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