Energizer ECO Halogen G4 Capsule Bulb - 16w (20w) - Twin Pack

Brand: Energizer

SKU: SI-S4851

Energizer ECO Halogen G4 Capsule Bulb - 14w (20w) - Twin Pack

Low voltage halogen capsule with G4 (two straight pins) push fitting. This lamp is often used in cupboard and under shelf / counter lighting and in modern multi-light fittings.

The Two Straight Pin ended bulb is designed to fit a standard G4 Fitting.
This Halogen bulb produces more light output than an incandescent lamp of equivalent wattage, and has superior colour retention.
The Bulb has the output of a standard 20w Halogen G4 bulb, but only uses 14 watts p/h

Can also be used with a dimmer switch

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