Large Head Clout Nail - Galvanised

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-636636

Large Head Clout Nails

Clout Nails Feature a large flat heads, that is designed for roofing jobs including fixing roof tiles and slates, securing roof felt etc. They have many applications and can be used for multiple DIY jobs like putting up plasterboard.
The Clout Nails are galvanised so are rust resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor use.
Ideal for all Roofing.
Manufactured to BS1202

Pack Details

Nail Length Head Diameter Shank Diameter Finish Pack Quantity (Approx)
13mm (1/2 Inch) 10mm 3mm Galvanised 80 Nails
25mm (1 Inch) 10mm 3mm Galvanised 55 Nails
50mm (2 Inch) 10mm 3mm Galvanised 45 Nails

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