Electro Brass Side Hook & Eye

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-649179

Electro Brass Plated Side Hook & Eye Set

The High Quality Brass Coated Steel Side Hook and Eyes are great for helping keep small items closed, i.e. a display cabinets or cupboards.The Hook is flat on one side to give a flush finish. 

The Brass Side Hook Measure 25mm long, The eye measures 15mm long (of which 6mm is screw thread)

The Hooks are made from Brass Plated Steel (Electro-Brass), meaning they have the strength of steel but still have the aesthetic and added resistance against corrosion that Brass offers - Perfect for all number of jobs around the home.

The Right Side Hook starts on the Right and the hook drops down to the Left.
The Left Side Hook starts on the Left and the hook drops down to the Right.

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