Concrete Nut Type Sleve Anchor - M10

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-650144

Concrete Anchor - Nut Type with Sleeve and Nut - M10

Concrete Anchors are high performance Steel expansion Anchors, suitable for the most demanding safety critical applications in most types of concrete or masonry.

The Concrete Anchor is inserted into the concrete or brick through the hole which has been drilled (For M10 Anchor - 10mm diameter hole).
Once inserted into the hole, you can then tighten the nut on the Anchor, which in turn will force the sleeve down and it will widen on the base of the shaft. This will ensure that the sleeve anchor holds your materials together as the nut holds one end, with the widened sleeve holding the other.
The Anchor is Yellow Zinc Plated Hardened Steel, meaning it is Strong, as well as having added resistance to Corrosion.

Suitable for Medium to Heavy Duty applications such as wall plates, brackets, garage doors and signs. 

    Pack Details

    Outside Diameter Length Finish Head Pack Quantity
    10mm 50mm / 2 Inch YZP Hex Nut Head 2
    10mm 97mm / 4 Inch YZP Hex Nut Head 2

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