Brass Bales Catch - 12mm (Pack of 1)

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-648233

Electro Brass Plated Bales Catch - 12mm

The Bales Catch, Also Know as a 'Ball Latch' or 'Ball Catch', is designed for keeping doors held closed.
Once the bales catch is fitted, as the door is closed a spring-loaded ball bearing retracts into a housing in the door edge as it meets the strike plate on the door lining. The ball bearing springs into the housing in the strike plate to hold the door closed.

The Bales Catch Measures by the width of the hole needed to fit the Catch into the door. In this case 12mm, the Bales face plate measures 36mm x 17mm, and the strike plate measures 35mm x 13mm

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