Butchers Hook

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-649599

Bright Zinc Plated Butchers Steel S Hook

Steel Butchers S Hooks, also known as Meat Hooks, have a variety of uses- not just for hanging meat!  For example holding buckets, paint tins or hanging baskets; as well a lots of uses around the home, from hanging kitchen utensils, to pots and pans . 

These S hooks have pointed ends, which allow them to be able to pierce through things to hang them. These Butchers S Hooks are made from steel and have a Bright Zinc Plated finish (BZP), Meaning they are very durable as well as having a layer of resistance to rust and corrosion.

 Size Measurement A Measurement B Measurement C Pack Quantity
100mm 100mm 5.9mm 31mm 1
150mm 150mm 5.9mm 35mm 1

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