Bright Zinc Plated Butt Hinge

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: RKL-635363

BZP Plated Butt Hinge

Butt Hinges are one of the most common types of hinges found around the home. Butt hinges are traditionally used for wooden doors, but the hinges can be for a variety of purposes.

The BZP Butt hinge has a Metal Spine running through the hinge which holds it together and features Countersunk holes for a clean professional finish.

The Hinges are made from Bright Zinc Plated Steel (BZP), meaning they have the strength of steel but still has the aspetics and have an added resistance against corrosion. 

 Hinge Size / Height Hinge Width Closed Hinge Width Open Hinge Depth No. of Screws Required Screw Size Required
25mm (1 Inch) 16mm 25mm 1.2mm 4 Per Hinge No.4
38mm (1 1/2 Inch) 20mm 34mm 1.5mm 4 Per Hinge No.4
50mm (2 Inch) 23mm 38mm 1.5mm 4 Per Hinge No.6
63mm (2 1/2 Inch) 26mm 44mm 1.5mm 6 Per Hinge No.6
75mm (3 Inch) 29mm 48mm 1.5mm 6 Per Hinge No.6 /8
100mm (4 Inch) 39mm 70mm 1.8mm 8 Per Hinge No.8

Screws are sold separately due to different applications requiring different lengths

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