Box Qty - Chipboard Screws YZP - 5mm

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: TH-633048

Chipboard Screws Yellow Zinc Plated

These Chipboard Screws have a deep thread and are designed for fastening chipboard or plywood to walls, ceilings and flooring.
The Chipboard Screw has a Thread diameter of 5mm.

The Chipboard Screws are suitable for use with many other types of materials including Timber, MDF, PVCu and similar materials.
They are made from Steel, and have a Zinc & Yellow passivated with a wax lubricant coating for quicker driving, they also feature a Counter Sunk with a single screw thread and have a Cross Recessed head for PoziDrive screw driver - ideal for use with power tools

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Pack Details

Screw Thread Screw Length Finish Head Bit Box Quantity
5mm 50mm / 2 Inch YZP Countersunk Pozi 2 200
5mm 80mm / 3 1/5 Inch YZP Countersunk Pozi 2 100

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