Box Qty - Fastadrive Twin Thread Wood Screw - No.10

Brand: RKL Tools & Hardware

SKU: TH-632195

Box Quantity of Fastadrive Twin Thread Wood Screws - No.10

The Fastadrive Wood Screws are High Quality Screws for use in Softwood, Hardwood, Plywood and other similar materials.
The Twin Thread Wood Screws have a Head Diameter of 9.5mm and Thread Diameter of 4.8mm

They Feature a Twin Thread designed for faster driving and a stronger hold, as well as a Counter Sunk and have a Cross Recessed head for PoziDrive Screw Drivers

The Screws are made from Hardened Steel and are BZP coated (Bright Zinc Plated) for added resistance to corrosion.
It Is Recommended that you drill a pilot hole when using screws in wood to avoid splitting or damaging the wood

Product Details

Screw Gauge Thread Diameter Thread Head Head Diameter Bit Finish
No.10 4.8mm Twin Thread Countersunk 9.5mm Pozi 2 BZP

Length Conversion Metric / Imperial

Metric (mm) Imperial (Inch)
13 1/2
16 5/8
19 3/4
25 1
32 1 1/4
38 1 1/2
44 1 3/4
50 2
63 2 1/2
75 3
88 3 1/2
100 4

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