Astonish Pro - Steel 'Sparkle & Shine' Cream Cleaner


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Astonish Pro Steel Cream Cleaner - 550ml

Astonish pro steel is a cream cleaner specially formulated to gently clean and shine stainless steel surfaces removing grease, finger prints, watermarks and smudges, leaving surfaces with a gleaming shine.

  • Specially developed for use on Stainless Steel sinks and appliances.
  • Easy to use squeezy bottles and NO MESS cap.
  • For a penetrating clean, leaving a beautiful shine that conditions the surface.
  • Comes in a silver 550ml bottle.

Preparation and Usage

Shake well before use. Caution: This product is a mild abrasive and care must be taken when cleaning polished surfaces. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Apply with a damp cloth. Wipe with a clean damp cloth. For heavily soiled surfaces, repeat as above. Do not use on gold, pewter, silver, lacquered surfaces or polished plastic surfaces.

    Cruelty Free

    All Astonish Cleaning Products are cruelty Free!

    No Astonish Cleaning Products has ever been tested on Animals, also all ingredients sourced are meat free and come from no animal derivative.  Astonish have also been recommended by the Vegetarian Society and certified by the vegan society.

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