Astonish - Oxy Plus Laundry Stain Remover - 350g

Brand: Astonish

SKU: AST-C1470

Astonish Oxy Plus Stain Remover 350g Tub

Oxy Plus Laundry Stain Remover is a powerful oxygen based cleaning agent that effectively removes stubborn stains and unpleasant odours. Astonish Oxy Plus Laundry Stain Remover can be used throughout the home, both indoors and out.

Astonish Oxy-Plus will not harm colourfast fabrics or weaken clothing fibres. The hotter the water the stronger the cleaning power. Astonish Oxy Plus Stain Remover contains a water softening agent that helps improve the cleaning of your laundry detergent.

The 350g Tub offers enough cleaning for 12 standard loads (2.5kg)

Cleaning: Everyday laundry, baby clothes, tablecloths, net curtains, sports clothes, towels and tea towels.

Soaking: Heavily soiled laundry, Rubbish bins and drians, speeping bags and tents, teak and fibreglass boats, coffee machines and juices.

Stain Removal: Furniture upholstery, covers and curtains, nylon carpets, children's toys and dolls, tiles and grouting, wood fencing/decking and other food and drink stains.

Examples of How Oxy Plus can be used:

Cleaning: Add 1 scoop of Astonish Oxy Plus Stain Remover to each load to bring out the brightness in your laundry wash and remove stubborn stains. This pack contains enough for 12 standard loads.

Soaking: See table on the side of packaging for solution strengths. Soak item in the solution for 30-60 mins, rinse and dry. For extra tough stains work solution into garment prior to soaking overnight.

Stain Removal Directions: See table on the side of packaging for solution strengths. Pour solution onto soiled areas and wait 15-30 mins. Rinse and allow to dry. For carpets, apply solution and remove as much water as possible using a towel. Stubborn stains may require a more concentrated solution and longer treatment time. 

Grouting: Add a few drops of hot water to 1 scoop of Astonish Oxy Plus Stain Remover to dampen the powder. Apply to grout using a brush and leave for 60 mins before rinsing with cold water.

Cruelty Free

All Astonish Cleaning Products are cruelty Free!

No Astonish Cleaning Products has ever been tested on Animals, also all ingredients sourced are meat free and come from no animal derivative.  Astonish have also been recommended by the Vegetarian Society and certified by the vegan society.


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