View all 10 inch 100mm 102mm 10mm 12 inch 125mm 12mm 150mm 2 1/2 200mm 250mm 25mm 26mm 3 3 inch 3" 300mm 35mm 38mm 4 inch 4" 45mm 50mm 6 inch 6" 63mm 68mm 75mm 76mm 7mm 8 inch 8" adhesive and antique arm bag bales ball ball bearing ball end ball ended black black antique black japanned bolt brace bracket brass brassed bright bright Zinc bright zince brighton butcher butchers butt butt-hinge butterfly butthinge button bzp Cabin cabinet carbine case casement catch catchlatch chain chain repair Chrome chrome plated chromed classic climbing coat coated coating concealled construction copper copper plated coppered corner cup cupboard d shackle door dresser easy-on easyon EB elecro brass electro Electro brass electro brass plated electrobrass eye fan light fanlight fastener fastner fitch flat friction furniture furntiure galvanised galvanized garden garden wire eye garden wire hook gate gripper hang hanger hanging hasp hasp & staple hasp and staple hd heavy duty hinge hook hook and eye inch invisable ironmongery japanned jumbo key key chain keyring kitchen knob L shaped large latch lever leverlock lift light light duty link lock london magnetic maillon mending mirror mortice nickel outdoor outdoor hinge outside oval pad pad bolt peg plain plastic Plate plated pole pole hook polished polished chrome powder push push latch pvc PVD brass quick link quicklink raw steel rectangular red repair replacement roller rope rubber s s hook s-hook sash sash window screw screw eye screw hook screw in self self-adhesive shed shelf side hook sleeve small snap solid solid brass spare sprung sqaure square cup Stainless stainless steel stay stay lock staylock steel strainer suction Support t t-hinge tee tee hinge tensioner timber toggle tool touch ttee turn turn catch turn-button turnbuckle turnbutton unequal untreated utility vine wardrobe wardrobe lock washing line window window stay zinc zinc plated

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