View all 1 1/2 inch 2 inch 3.25 knitting needles 38mm 4 inch 4mm knitting needle 51mm 6" scissors 75mm 8" scissors adhesive dots adhesives aluminium ambidextrous anti-slip antique antislip assorted buttons assorted needles back black black antique black hemming tape black laundry pen Black mender bobbins brass bright Zinc brush buggy buttons bzp canvas Cap Capped Carbine carry cot cavity center Centre chair leg chalk chrome classic cleaning clip clip-on clothes clothes brush clothes label coat comb comfy grip copper cord cross stitch needles crutch curtain d d-ring darning needles decorative double double sided dress dress maker dressmaker pins dressmaking easy threading needles EB elastic Electro Electro brass electro brass plated electrobrass embroidery end eye fabric comb fabric scissors farm house farmhouse ferrule floss flush foot frame Glass grab haberdashery handy dots hanging hard hardwall hardwall hook hat hat & coat hat and coat hd heavy heavy duty hemming hemming tape hemming web Hidden hold holder hook hook & loop hook and loop household needles insert iron on iron on hook and loop Iron on mender ironmongery j jailer key ring keyring kit knitting knitting needles korbond korbond needles korbond sewing kit korbond tape measure label labels Large laundry bag Laundry pen left hand left hand scissors light switch lint lint brush loo mender metal Mirror modern moulding mount multi-purpose scossors name label kit needle needle threaders needle work needles needlework needlework scissors net permanent marker photo picture picture hook picture pin picturecanvas pin pinking shears pins plastic plate plug polyester elastic pram precision press tape pull pushchair Quality quilters rail Retractable tape measure ring robe rod roll roller rubber safety safety pin safety pins school label scissors screw self adhesive self adhesive hook and loop sew sewing sewing bag sewing kit sewing machine sewing machine bobbins sewing machine needles sewing needles sewing pins sewing thread shears shears for fabric shoe horn shoe label shoes Shopping single sink Slotted small soap solid split spring stainless steel stay Steel steel core steel scissors stick stitch stitch ripper strainer stroller suction table leg tailoring tailors chalk tape Tape Measure tapestry needles thimble thimble and needle threaders thread thread cutter thread selection tie tie-back toilet velcro walking wall wash bag washing bag weight white white elastic white mender wire xl zimmer

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