View all 0 1 1 1/2 inch 1 1/2" 1 3/4 inch 1 3/4" 1 inch 1.5 1.5v 1/2 1/2" 1/4 inch 1/4" 10 10 inch 10" 10.2mm 100 100ml 100mm 102mm 10lb 10m 10mm 10w 118mm 12 12 inch 120 watt 120w 125 watt 125mm 125w 12mm 13 13mm 14 14mm 15 watt 150mm 155mm 15mm 15w 15w 15 watt 16 16 watt 16.5cm 160 watt 160mm 160w 16mm 16w 18 inch 19 19mm 2 2 1/2 2 inch 2 pack 2 pin 2.5mm 200mm 20mm 22 wat 220mm 22w 240 watt 240w 24mm 25 25 watt 250mm 25cm 25mm 25w 26mm 28 watt 28w 2d 3 3 inch 3" 3.25 knitting needles 3.5 3.5mm 3.6kg 3/4 3/4 inch 3/4" 3/8 3/8" 300mm 30cm 32 32mm 33 watt 33w 35mm 35w 38 38mm 3mm 3w 4 4 inch 4 pack 4 pin 4 watt 4" 4.2 4.2mm 4.55kg 4.5kg 4.5m 4.8 4.8mm 40 40 watt 400 watt 400w 40mm 40w 44 44mm 450mm 45cm 45mm 48mm 4mm 4mm knitting needle 4w 5 5 inch 5" 5.2 5.2mm 5/8 5/8 inch 50 50 meter 500ml 50m 50mm 50mm80 50w 51mm 5m 5mm 6 6 inch 6 inches 6" 6" scissors 6.5 6.5mm 6.6w 60 60mm 60w 63 63mm 65 65 watt 65mm 65w 66 meter 66m 68mm 6cm 6mm 6w 7 7 litre 7 ltr 7 watt 7.5 7.5m 70 watt 70w 75 75mm 76mm 78mm 7mm 7w 8 8 inch 8 inches 8" 8" scissors 80 80 m/s 80 watt 80mm 80w 85mm 88 88mm 8lb 8mm 9 9cm 9v a frame A2 aa aaa acrylic adapter adhesive adhesive dots adhesives allen allen keys aluminium ambidextrous american anchor and angled anti-slip antique antislip aplliance arm assembly assorted buttons assorted needles aux b15 b22 back back box backbox bag bales ball ball bearing ball chain ball end ball ended basin basin chain bassine bath bathroom battery battries bayonet Bayonet Cap bc bed beige bell bell push bin biodegradable bit bit holder black black antique black hemming tape black japanned black laundry pen Black mender blade blades bleed blind blind set screw block blue board bobbins bolt bolt-on bolts bookcase bosch box box quantity brace bracket brad brass brassed brick bright bright Zinc bright zince brighton brolly broom broom hanger brown brush brushes BS4320 buff buffer bufferpad buggy builders bulb bulls eye bullseye butcher butchers butt butt-hinge butterfly butthinge button buttons bzp c c2 c3 cabin cabinet cable cable tidy cabletie caddy candle canvas Cap Capped capsule carbine carbon carpenter carpenters carpentry Carrage carriage carry cot case casement castor catch catchlatch caulk cavity cavity wall center Centre CFL chain chain repair chair leg chalk chime chipboard Chrome chrome plated chrome vanadium chromed chuck clamp classic cleaning clear cleat climbing clip clip on clip-on clock cloth cloth tape clothes clothes brush clothes label clout coach coaster coat coated coating comb comfy grip compact compost compostable concealled concrete construction contact Continuous cooker cooker hood cookerhood copper copper plated coppered cord cork corner corrigated cotter countersunk countersunk Bolt coupling cover coving craft cranked cross head cross stitch needles crutch Cup cupboard curly curtain cut to size cutting d d shackle d-ring darning needles daylight decorative decorators delta dentist dentistry depressed descaler Diamond dimmable din 1587 din 571 din 603 din 6334 DIN 6798a din 6923 DIN 916 din 933 din 934 din 94 din1587 din571 din603 din6334 DIN6798a din6923 DIN916 din933 DIN934 din94 disc domed donut door door bell door bolt door chain door chime door lock door stop door wedge doorchain doorstop double double sided doughnut dowel draw drawer drawers dress dress maker dresser dressmaker pins dressmaking drill driva driver drugget duck duct e12 e14 E27 easy squeeze easy threading needles easy-on easyon eater EB edison elastic elecro brass electric electric sander electrical electrical cable electrical insulation Electro Electro brass electro brass plated electrobrass ELH embroidery end end cap endcap energizer energizer lighting energy saving equivalent ES escuteon extender extending extension external eye eyelet eyelets fabric comb fabric scissors fan light fanlight farm house farmhouse fast cure fastener fastening fastner felt fence ferrule filler fine fire fire glow fire lighter fireglow firelighter firelog fitch Fitting fixing flange flanged flap flat flat head flatpack flexible flocked flood floor floss flourescent fluorescent flush food foot Form A form b four fragile frame friction fride fully biodegradable Furniture furntiure g4 g9 gaffa gaffer galvanised galvanized garden garden wire eye garden wire hook gas gate general purpose Glass glasses gls glue Golf grab Grade green grey grind grinding gripper grit grommet Grommets gu10 gutter haberdashery Halogen hammer handle handy dots hang hanger hanging hard hard point hard to reach hardboard hardwall hardwall hook hardware hasp hasp & staple hasp and staple hat hat & coat hat and coat hd head heavy heavy duty hemming hemming tape hemming web hex hex bit hex coupler hex head hexagonal hi hi viz Hidden high high quality high visibility hinge hiviz hobby hobby craft hobbyist hold holder hole hollow hook hook & loop hook and eye hook and loop hose household needles HP2 hp7 incandescent inch inlet insert inspection instant nails insulation invisable iron on iron on hook and loop Iron on mender ironing ironmongery j jagged jailer japanned jig saw jigsaw joiner joining joint Jubilee jumbo kettle key key chain key ring keyring kit kitchen knife knitting knitting needles knob knock down knock-in-knock in knockdown korbond korbond needles korbond sewing kit korbond tape measure L shaped label labels large latch laundry laundry bag Laundry pen LED left hand left hand scissors level levels lever leverlock lift light light bulb light duty light switch lightbulb limescale line linear liner link lint lint brush lock london long loo loop lost head losthead M1.6 m10 M12 M14 M16 M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6 m8 machine magnetic magnetic Bit holder maillon mains maker mandrel Marine marking masking masonry mastic matt Meadow measure measuring measuring tape mender mending mesh metal meter Metric microwave mirror mm model modelling modern modesty mortice motor moulding mount mouse mr16 multi Multi-Purpose multi-purpose scossors mushroom nail nails name label kit neck needle needle threaders needle work needles needlework needlework scissors net nickel night light nightlight no No 8 no more No.10 No.12 no.2 no.4 No.6 No.8 no10 no12 no2 no4 no6 no8 number nut Nyloc Nylock nylon orbital outdoor outdoor hinge outside oval oven pack packed packing pad pad bolt pads paint painting palm panel paper parcel peg pencil Penny permanent marker ph1 PH2 Philips photo pick pick-up pickup picture picture hook picture pin picturecanvas pin pine pine knob pinking shears pins pipe plain plaster plaster board plasterbaord plasterboard plastic Plate Plated plug plug in plumbing pole pole hook polished polished chrome polyester elastic pop portable pourer powder power power bit power sander powerbit pozi pozi-drive pozidrive pp3 pram precision press press tape professional proper protection protector pull pulley push push latch pushchair pvc PVD brass pygmy PZ1 PZ2 Quality quarter inch quick link quicklink quilters r03 r14 R20 r39 r50 r6 r63 r80 rack radiator rail Rainbow raw steel rawl rectangular red reflector Repair replacement Retractable tape measure rimless ring ringshank rivet rivets robe rod rod connector roll roller roof roofing rope round rubber rubber handle rubberwhite ruler s s hook s-hook safety safety pin safety pins sand sander sanding sanding pad sandpaper sash sash window satellite satin saw sbc scaffold school label scissors screw screw cap screw cover screw driver screw driver set screw eye screw hook screw in screw on screwdriver screwdriver set screws sealant sealants seat security Segmented self self adhesive self adhesive hook and loop self parking self seating self Tapper Self tapping self-adhesive ses set set screw sew sewing sewing bag sewing kit sewing machine sewing machine bobbins sewing machine needles sewing needles sewing pins sewing thread shakeproof shears shears for fabric shed sheet shelf shoe horn shoe label shoes Shopping short shower side hook silicone silver singel single single sided sink sink chain sleeve sliding slot slot head slotted small small bayonet small edison snap soap socket socket set screw solid solid brass spare spiked spirit spirit level split spot spout spray spray can spring spring door stop springwasher sprung sqaure Square square cup Squirrel stainelss Stainless stainless steel staple star starter stay stay lock staylock steel steel core steel scissors steel tool clip stick sticker stitch stitch ripper Stone stop stopper straight strainer stroller strong sturdy style suction Support swan swirl t T Shaped t-hinge T10 T15 T20 T5 t6 t7 t8 t9 table leg tailoring tailors chalk tamper tamper proof tamperproof tap tap swirl tape tape measure tapestry needles tea tea pot teapot tee tee hinge telescopic tensile tensioner thick thimble thimble and needle threaders thin third thread thread cutter thread selection thumb thumbscrew thunderbolt tie tie-back timber Tipped toggle toilet tool tool less tooless tools Toolzone torque torx touch towel triple ttee tub tube turn turn catch turn-button turnbuckle turnbutton tv twin twin & earth twin and earth twin thread twinthread u U fitting ultra tape ultratape um2 um3 unequal universal untreated upholstery upholstry utility vaneer varnishing vase velco velcro velcro backed vial victorian vine visibility volt walking wall wall plug wallplug wardrobe wardrobe lock wardrobe socket warm white wash bag washer washing washing bag washing line waste water waterproof watt way wedge weight wheel wheelie wheely white white elastic white mender window window stay window wedge wing wingnut wire wireless wood wood chipboard wood screw wooden woodscrew woodscrews woodworking workmans x xl yellow yzp zimmer zinc zinc plated zip

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