View all 0 1 1 1/2 inch 1 1/2" 1 3/4 inch 1 3/4" 1.5 1.5v 1/2 1/2" 10 100 100mm 10mm 12 12 inch 125 watt 125mm 125w 12mm 13 13mm 15 15 watt 150mm 15mm 15w 15w 15 watt 16 160mm 16mm 18 inch 19 19mm 2 2 pack 2.5mm 22 wat 22w 25 25 watt 25mm 25w 3 3 hook 3.5 3.5mm 3/4 3/4 inch 3/4" 3/8 3/8" 300mm 30cm 32 32mm 38 38mm 3mm 4 4 pack 4 watt 4.2 4.2mm 4.8 4.8mm 40 40mm 40w 450mm 45cm 45mm 4mm 4w 5 5.2 5.2mm 5/8 5/8 inch 50 50mm 50mm80 5mm 6 6 inch 6" 6.5 6.5mm 60 60mm 60w 63 63mm 65 65 watt 65mm 65w 6mm 7 70 watt 70w 75 75mm 7mm 8 80 80 m/s 80mm 88 88mm 8mm 9 9v A2 aa aaa adhesive aluminium american anchor and anti-slip antique antislip aplliance assembly aux b15 b22 back back box backbox bag bales ball ball chain ball end ball ended basin basin chain bath battery battries bayonet bc bed beige bin black black antique bleed blind blind set screw block blue board Bolt bolt-on bolts bookcase box brace brad brass brassed brick bright bright Zinc bright zince brolly broom hanger bs3924 BS4320 buffer bulb butcher butchers butt butt-hinge butterfly butthinge button bzp c cabin cabinet cable cable tidy cabletie candle canvas Cap Capped carbine carbon card carpentry Carrage carriage case catch cavity cavity wall center Centre chain chain repair chair leg chipboard Chrome chromed clamp classic cleaner cleaning clear cleat climbing clip clout coach coaster coat Coated coating concrete construction Continuous cooker copper copper plated coppered cord cork corner cotter countersunk countersunk Bolt coupling cover crutch cup cupboard curtain Cutting d d shackle d-ring delta descaler din 1587 din 603 din 6334 DIN 6798a din 6923 DIN 916 din 933 din 934 din 94 din1587 din603 din6334 DIN6798a din6923 DIN916 din933 DIN934 din94 disc domed donut door door stop door wedge doorstop doughnut dowel draw drawer dresser driva drugget e14 e27 EB edison elecro brass electric electrical electrical cable electrical insulation electro electro brass electro brass plated electrobrass ELH end end cap endcap es eye eyelet farm house farmhouse fastening felt fence ferrule fine fire fire lighter firelighter Fitting fixing flange flanged flat flatpack flocked floor flourescent flush fly foot Form A form b four frame friction fride Furniture furntiure galvanised galvanized garden garden wire eye garden wire hook gas gate Glass golf golfball Grade green grind grip gripper grit grommet gutter hammer handle hang hanger Hanging hard hard point hardboard hardwall hardwall hook hasp hasp & staple hasp and staple hat hd head heavy heavy duty hex hex bit hex coupler hex head hexagonal Hidden high hinge hold holder hook hose house household HP2 hp7 incandescent inch inlet insect killer insulation ironmongery j jagged jailer japanned joiner joining Jubilee jumbo kettle key key chain key ring keyring kitchen knob knock down knock-in-knock in knockdown L shaped label large latch laundry leather lever leverlock light light bulb light switch lightbulb limescale line link lock lost head losthead M1.6 M10 M12 M14 M16 M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 M6 M8 machine magnetic maillon mandrel Marine masonry matt Meadow mending mesh metal meter Metric microwave Mirror modern modesty motor moulding mount mushroom nail nails net nickel no No 8 no.10 No.12 no.2 No.4 No.6 no.8 no10 no12 no2 no4 No6 no8 number nut Nyloc Nylock nylon orbital oval oven pack packed pad pad bolt pads palm panel paper peg Penny pest pest control photo Picture picture hook picture pin picturecanvas pin pine pine knob pins pipe plaster plaster board plasterbaord plasterboard plastic Plate plated plug plumbing pop pourer pozidrive pp3 product protection protector pull PVC pygmy quick link quicklink r03 r14 R20 r6 rack radiator rail Rainbow rectangular red repair replacement rimless ring ringshank rivet rivets rod rod connector roller roof roofing rope round rubber rubberwhite ruler s s hook s-hook sand sander sanding sanding pad sandpaper satellite satin sbc Screw screw cap screw cover screw eye screw hook screw in screws seat self self adhesive self Tapper self tapping self-adhesive sello tape ses set screw shakeproof shed short shower side hook singel single sink sink chain sleeve slotted small small bayonet small edison snap soap socket socket set screw sofa solid solid brass spare split spout spring spring door stop springwasher sqaure Square square cup Squirrel stainelss Stainless staple starter stay steel steel core steel tool clip stick sticker Stone stop strainer strong sturdy style suction Support swat swirl table leg tap tap swirl tape tea tea pot teapot tensile thin thumb thumbscrew thunderbolt tie tie-back timber toggle toilet tool towel tube turn turn catch turn-button turnbutton tv twin & earth twin and earth twin thread twinthread ultra tape ultratape um2 um3 untreated upholstery upholstry utility vaneer vase velco velcro backed victorian vine volt walking wall wallplug wardrobe wardrobe lock wardrobe socket Washer washing water watt watts way wedge weight wheelie wheely white window window wedge wing wingnut wire wood wood chipboard wood screw wooden woodscrew woodscrews x yellow yzp zimmer zinc zip

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